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More Than Pet People

About Us

The dream all started for us when I left school. I attended Myerscough College to do my NVQ Level 1 in domestic animal care and husbandry alongside my A levels. In my second year, I achieved a City & Guilds portfolio of achievements in exotic animal care and agriculture. Having always wanted to work with animals, I took a part-time job on a farm. My love of the Alaskan Malamute came about when my partner bought me a puppy (akela), an eight-week-old fluffy bundle of joy.

I have trained extensively to better my knowledge of canine behaviour and psychology to bring the best out in our dogs. We strongly believe in maintaining this beautiful breed to its standard, and with selective breeding, we will continue to conform to this standard.

Our Staff are fully qualified veterinary technicians who deliver the best quality care to our pooches.

I have trained long and hard in all aspects of breeding, from DNA profiling and animal science alongside fertility to delivering a 5* breeding program

to our kennels.

I am currently studying for a Bsc Hons Degree in Environmental science: Environmental Management so that I may pursue my ultimate dream of working with the conservation of wolfs in the wild. 


A levels In Maths, English, IT

Canine Pregnancy Ultrasound


level 4 Pet Emergency First Aid, Pet Business

David Attenborough Lifetime mammals studies

Whelping and rearing Puppies

Canine DNA

Canine Inbreeding and selection

Canine Breeding

Canine Pregnancy

NVQ 1 Animal Husbandry

NVQ 2 Domestic animal Care

City & Guilds level 3 POA in exotic Pets & Husbandry

Level 2 Canine Certificate

Level 3  animal Physio therapy

Level 3 Vet Tec

Level 4 Animal Science

Level 4 Canine Behaviour & Psychology

Foundation Degree Canine Behaviour (C.A.S)

Canine Fertility including: AI & Semen Analysis, Cytology Ovulation, Female and Male Canine anatomy, Semen Chilling & Shipping


BSc hons Environmental Science/management (ongoing)


The Family

Meet the drive behind the dream

Stephen Harrison

Managing Partner

Business Development & Media

Trish Quinn Dip. S.C.B

Owner & Managing Director

Canine Specialist

Magda  Palasinska

Senior Handler and Breed Oracle

Head of Breeding Program

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