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Marchosias Kennels & Fertility Service

Marchosias K9 Fertility Clinic is set up to help us succeed with our dog breeding program. We provide an excellent service for dog owners and breeders alike, and we offer a mobile service that comes directly to you when you need it. We have extensive knowledge and experience in dog behaviour, handling and breeding and our expertise in canine fertility has helped to produce many successful litters of puppies.

Our focus is to provide a wide range of services to help in any situation as we run our kennels and show our dogs in the show rings; why not share our knowledge with others who may require our expert services.

Prestigious Breeding Program

We continue researching the world's best bloodlines for our breeding program. With help from fellow breeders, we will produce unique lineages that will highlight the very essence of Alaskan Malamute and preserve the standard for years to come.

Canine Fertility

We have invested heavily in training and technology to provide the best equipment and training. With our own I sperm Semen analysis machines and ultrasound scanners. Our staff, trained in A. I and ovulation to optimise the breeding. Stocking supplements give your bitch/dog everything it needs for the best outcome possible for their upcoming breeding.

Canine Behaviour and Training

One of the most important things about having a dog is to be in control of your dog at all times. Here at Marchosias kennels, we offer

1-1 session to help you train and teach your dog all the skills it will need to be sociable and well-behaved. Intervention work is also available if your dog has behavioural issues that need attention. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Contact Us

Drop by or give us a call

If you are looking for the best advice and services, then look no further. We can provide the very best that is second to none. We make it our business to help deliver not only what you will come to expect but a personal touch that money cant buy.

Marchosias Kennels Limited
49 Carr Rd 


(01254) 723740, 07305041470

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