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Preserving The Breed Standard 

The breed takes its name from the Mahlemut tribe of Eskimos who had developed and used the breed for pulling heavy loads over long distances. It is the strongest of the sled dogs. Spitz-like in its features, the Malamute is built to survive in his environment, where he will often sleep outside in all weathers, his double coat protecting him against the extreme cold. Even the insides of his ears are furred. His tail, carried like a waving plume, is a hallmark of breed.

KC Pedigree Girls 

Athena GODDESS OF WAR By Marchosias

Athena came to us from the city of Liverpool. Sable in colour, we had all lapped up her cuteness from day one. Athena is a typical Malamute in her willingness to do as you ask but would equally talk back with you. Athena is currently in training and looking to compete in working trials shortly.

AGE: 18 Months old

Artic Challenge LAST FIATH by Marchosias

 (IMP Poland)

"Harlequin" came to us from Arctic Challenge in Poland. We eagerly anticipated her arrival at Marchosias. Upon arrival, she promptly greeted us with a big smile; she has grown into a beautiful yearling and continues to impress the judges in the ring. Harlequin currently competes in shows and has won many rosettes in puppy classes and the junior handlers ring. We see a very bright future with many more to come

Aged: 13 months


Snowflake Of Alaska ABSOLUTLEY VICTORY By Marchosias 

(IMP Ukraine)

"Victoria" recently joined our kennels from Ukraine. We believe she has placed in many shows, but we are still awaiting her paperwork and will update this in due course. Victoria will be making her debut in the show ring soon. Her previous owner reached out to us after many people offered to provide her with a loving home. We are honoured to be chosen to continue her legacy in the show ring and are very excited about her future.

Aged: 3 years

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