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KC Pedigree Males

The breed takes its name from the Mahlemut tribe of Eskimos who had developed and used the breed for pulling heavy loads over long distances. It is the strongest of the sled dogs. Spitz-like in its features, the Malamute is built to survive in his environment, where he will often sleep outside in all weather, his double coat protecting him against the extreme cold. Even the insides of his ears are furred. His tail carried like a waving plume, is a hallmark of the breed.

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Lord of Alaska 'BARKI BEAR' by Marchosias (IMP Poland)

We have an exciting new addition to the kennels imported from Poland. 'Bear' joined us in 2022 from a loving family home in Poland and has not previously shown or worked. 

He is currently part of our working line and is competing for several working titles as well as enjoying the show rings


ANSON Del Biagio (IMP Italy)

"Marley", ANSON Del Biagio, is a 4-year-old grey and white male from the Del Biagio line. Owned and shown by Magda, our very own breed specialist. He Has won many Rosettes as well as best puppy and not to mention his KC Stud Book and Qualified for life at Crufts.

'THOR' Zhowerli by Marchosias (IMP Ireland)

We have an exciting arrival here at Marchosias Kennels. A beautiful 11- month old male from Ireland.

Son of ANSON del Biagio &  Multi CH HEBA Zhowerli.

This boy has a bright future in the show rings and working trials.

Look out for further details and photographs.

Follow Thors Journey to Greatness!!!


Makivik 'LORD OF RINGS' by Marchosias

Our youngest team member Kyro. 6 Mont old male born and bred in the UK. 

Son of ANSON del Biagio & BELLA MIA Lord of Alaska.

Currently attending shows in puppy class and training.

   Look out for further details and photographs.

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